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Austin Bond


I was born on November 22 and grew up in the town of Whittier, Alaska. I am married, I have no kids, but I do have a dog. I went to school at the University of Houston and graduated with a BA in History with a minor in Biology. I have an interest in a wide variety of topics, and that is the reason why I enjoy teaching middle school history and science – I get to discuss so many interesting things! In the past I have worked as a college science tutor, lab coordinator for a college lab, and as a teacher at a charter school.

During my first year here I am also going through the RCIA process and will finally go through Confirmation during Easter 2018. There are so many things in history and science that are related to our faith and Catholic history, and I love that I am free to tie these subjects together for a more truthful learning experience.

In my classes I try to put less emphasis of remembering every date and fact and instead get my students to stop and ask: “why?” I believe good students will always get the right answer, but great students will always find the answer to their own questions.

I am excited to experience this year, and many more, with you all here at St. Augustine!

Mr. Bond