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January Newsletter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope that you had an amazing time as a family over the holidays. We are so happy to see everyone back. The staff and students are quickly returning into the swing of things. So much happens in January that I would recommend checking the calendar and reading everything we send out this month so you do not miss anything. Our hard-working staff started back on Friday, January 5th. This new year our faculty will be praying to our Lady, under the title of, Undoer of Knots. This is a special devotion of Pope Francis and is based on a 300-year old painting by Johann Georg Schmidtner. The painting depicts our Mother Mary freeing us from all the things in our lives that keep us bound and apart from God. As a mother, I find this idea of Mary protecting us and taking away the things that trouble us such a beautiful example of unconditional love and maternal instinct.

Over the break, I hope that you were able to find some time for refreshment and relaxation. If you were lucky, perhaps you even found a moment to reflect on what is most important to you. We all get so caught up in everyday events and issues and do not always slow down and focus on the long-term goals. I will admit that I get caught up in just “getting through” each day and not always being present for my family and friends. Whether you believe in making new resolutions each year or just vow to try and be the best you can be, we all need to take time to stop and think about what is truly valuable. The beginning of the year is a great time to do this.

This month and next, we will be visiting other parishes without schools, if you would like to become a part of our team, please call the school office and let us know. We would love for our students to be the ones speaking Sunday after each Mass.
We would love for them to witness to our parishioners and others about their experiences while at St. Augustine Catholic School.

We would like for them to share how this school has been a blessing in their lives and how it has made a tremendous impact on them. For those that sometimes wonder what sets us apart from a public or private school, I encourage you to listen to their stories. We are very blessed with amazing families and nothing is more reassuring than hearing how an alum or family has benefitted from their time within our hallways.

Thank you for being a blessing to this school and allowing us to work as an instrument of the Church. It is not just about today, this test or this game. It is about what is truly important; that we teach the whole child and make a lasting impact on their future choices and ultimately society. That is my long-term resolution for our school.

Have a wonderful week,
Denise P. Rios


It is with a bittersweet tone that I confirm that Ms. Tanya Gomez has resigned her position for the spring semester. She and her family have moved to Spring. TX. The drive will be much too far for her and her family. We wish Ms. Gomez well and thank her for all she did to help our children grow. We will forever be grateful.