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Update: Parker School Uniform – Please Donate Unused School Uniform Items

Update: 1-15-2018

We appreciate your patience in dealing with any missing uniform items as we discern a new company after the abrupt closing of Parker School Uniforms. Please visit our Used Uniform Closet if you need items for now and if you have any clothing at home that no longer fits your child (especially jackets and sweater) please consider donating them back to help other families. This not only benefits fellow SACS families, it is a Work of Mercy that fills your spirit. We will keep you updated on any progress with a new company as soon as possible.


Dear SACS Parents,

As of last night, Parker Uniforms has closed all their stores and we wanted to make you aware as soon as possible so that you do not attempt to make any further purchases. At this time, we are meeting with several other companies in order to provide as seamless a transition as possible. If you have an outstanding order with Parker, please notify us as soon as possible with all the pertinent information such as sizing, order number etc. This will help us ascertain how our parents are being affected. In the meantime, we have the Used Uniform Closet available and generously maintained by our volunteers. If you have uniforms that are in good condition that no longer fit your child, this would be a great time to donate them so that other families can utilize them. We appreciate your patience as we deal with this news and will keep you posted as to any changes of temporary uniform requirements or future ordering information once decisions have been made.

We hope you are enjoying your last few days of the Christmas/New Year Season and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!!!

God Bless,

Denise P. Rios